Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Moon

August is a "Blue Moon" month.  Astronomical details aside, its been Blue for us as we've moved locations and gone through a name change.

Having rented our space for G1 Gallery ( from 3d Cart for three years we just couldn't take it anymore and have moved.  Technical problems we can fix and adapt to but our customers could not check-out.  Now if there's one thing a hosting service should do well it's checkout and they didn't.  Good customers are hard to come by and should have a good experience and be treated well.  We have great customers (and understanding as it turns out) and they deserved better treatment.

So, move we did.  And took the opportunity to change our name and a little of our look. Why change the name? The Canon G1 camera. There is just too much confusion on the search engines.

We are now The Alexander 909 Gallery.

We continue to move works into the new gallery.  The "old" will get you to the new location until we're done with the set-up.  A name change is coming to Twitter and there will be a new Facebook Fan Page.

The old is out:

Old G1 Gallery Logo

And the new is in:
New Alexander 909 Gallery Logo

That's it for now.  Check the bottom of the Blog for our latest Tweets.