Friday, August 17, 2012

Art Festivals

Summer is the time for Art Festivals all across the country.  We're at a lot of these every year;  we really enjoy it - or frankly we wouldn't do it.

Its also monsoon season in the southwest which can make it really interesting with the high winds.  

NO complaints about the rain though - not from me or most people this year.  The drought has been unbelievable and there are, as of this writing, 70 major wildland fires in 13 western states.  The West is literally burning down. Bring on the rain!

Still adding to the new Gallery.  Lighthouses and Religious works.  Here's a sample:

Two Harbors Lighthouse

Madonna and Child Sassoferrato

That's all for now. Need to go check Accuweather!

The Gang at The Alexander 909 Gallery!